Perfect Holdout CD + Magnet HO

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Now with instructional CD-ROM!One of Antonio Romero's most incredible effects, The Perfect Hold Out - a pull that makes the impossible happen right before the astonished eyes of the spectators -- finally comes to light. Antonio has imparted a new dimension to this device, making it a diabolical weapon for all sorts of platform, close-up, mental or card effects.The Hold Out was originated by card hustlers to add or subtract cards in a game. Jack Miller developed the concept further and devised a system using a counterweight and a clip that allowed him to do miraculous vanishes and productions.The classic Hold Out, however, has its drawbacks. The arms are cramped and their movement is limited. The handling requires keeping the arms close to the body and making excessively broad movements, therefore limiting its functions.After years of study, hard work and countless tests, Antonio Romero has created The Perfect Hold Out, that eliminates all the restrictions the classic Hold Out had and simplifies its handling!The Perfect Hold Out includes an instructional CD-ROM that contains video of Romero performing three different effects, using this incredible little device. The routines included are:Super knives: A knife routine with new effects. Incredible Card to Wallet: The most surprising Card in Wallet Multiple Vanish: Four coins disappear simultaneously  



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