Phantom Deck Vernet

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Two cards are freely selected from a borrowed pack of cards. The two cards are then pushed back into the deck at two different places. The magician places the deck on the palm of his hand. Waving his other hand above the deck, the cards begin to move back and forth, cutting themselves and leaving a card protruding from the deck! The spectator may remove this card and verifies that it is his selection. The magician then repeats the same effect with the second card and it's the second spectator's card. Immediately, the performer returns the deck to its owner.The deck may be borrowed from a spectator Performed with two selections, one at a time The deck may be immediately returned to the spectator without any tricky moves Requires no set-up - you can repeat the effect immediately Perform under any lighting conditions No wax, blue tack, etc. No cards added to the deck Includes fully illustrated, 8-page booklet and very special gimmick.



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