Ping Pong Pop trick

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Sparks has created a totally cool close-up routine using the simplest props... Ping Pong Pop!  EFFECT: Show an empty soda can. Carefully place a Ping Pong ball on top of the can. Slap your hand against the ball. In a wink, the ball vanishes! Give the can a shake. Something is heard rattling around inside the can. Turn the can over, and show that the Ping Pong ball is now inside the can. Somehow, it has squeezed through the little pop-top opening! Only one Ping Pong ball is used, so the spectator can sign the ball before it is vanished! Of course, the signed ball appears inside the can! Ping Pong Pop... Easy To Do! No Angles Do It Surrounded Real Out-Of-Sight Magic!The specially gimmicked soda can does all the work for you! Comes with everything you need.



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