PK Bill (Ferromagnetic US Dollar) - Trick

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Finally, a single ply ferromagnetic dollar, shim free and easy to use! The PK Bill Ferromagnetic Dollar looks like an ordinary U.S. dollar, but it sticks to magnets. Perform amazing PK magic under impossible conditions! The strategic ferromagnetic pattern means you can hand the PK Bill out for casual inspection. Crumple it up into a ball and perform your favorite chop routine with a cup, glass, or mug! Packaged to arrive crisp! Looks like a real U.S. Dollar! Easily passes visual inspection! For use with all commercial PK devices!The PK Bill Ferromagnetic Dollar is very durable, but it won't last forever. As the bill wears, it will lose strength. This package contains one ferromagnetic PK Bill. It doesn't come with instructions. While the possibilities are endless, the tricks are up to you!



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