PK Sounds by Alex Vantes

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If you're looking for something that will keep your audiences talking about you long after the performance - PK SOUNDS by Alex Vante is it! The performer brings up two spectators to the stage and seats them facing each other, ten feet apart with their heads down and their eyes closed. The performer moves to the front of the stage and addresses the audience about different types of supernatural phenomena between friends or even complete strangers. He begins his experiment. The performer comes up to one of the spectators (Mike) and asks him to be aware of all of his senses. He comes up to the other spectator (Fred) and whispers a set of instructions in his ear. The performer let's some time pass, comes up to the front of the stage and snaps his fingers. He asks the Mike if he heard, felt, smelled, or tasted anything during that time period; he responds he heard something, as the performer asks him to elaborate, Mike explains that he heard a song, but the performer cuts him off short as not too spoil the ending. He moves back to Fred and says publicly to the audience "Fred, I asked you to think of ANY song, isn't that right". Fred agrees. Now for the grand finale, Mike is asked what song he has heard, Fred replies that it's the exact song he was sending...a true miracle! This is just "one" of the presentations taught in detail on the DVD.There is another routine also included on the DVD, which allows this effect to be included in much larger venues with a "one vs. the audience." While this effect can be adapted towards different venues it is strongest in intimate groups of people. The DVD is jam packed with instructions on how to fully bring this effect to life. 



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