Pop Eye by Keith Lack

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It's all fun and games till someone looses an eye........ Be that someone and watch your spectators cringe as you actually reach up and pluck your eye from it's socket. Once you have removed your eye complete with the optical nerve attached, you can rub it all back into position and show your eye to now be back to normal and what's more, you are clean at the end. That's right, all the evidence is gone in the end and your hands are completely empty. Actually, we give you a few different methods for clean up at the end for every skill level.

The optical nerve actually looks like it is coming right out of your eye socket thanks to the very clever prosthetic we have designed. The effect is 100% self contained and easily concealed. POP-EYE is simple to perform and does not leave you messy in the end. No blood or sticky mess. Nothing comes in contact with your actual eyeball. No adhesives used of any kind. This is the ultimate street startler. If you like freaking out your spectators, then POP-EYE is for you. At the end of your set, send them home the right way. SCREAMING!!!!

POP-EYE is not a toy. It is a durable Special Effect prosthetic like those used in the motion picture industry. The possibilities are limited only by your strange imagination. Comes with a realistic looking eye in Blue, Brown, Hazel or green. Please specify eye color when ordering. WARNING! Use care when performing this effect around the very young and very old it's very scary.



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