Premise Power & Participation Vol. 1 by L & L Publishing - DVD

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Vol. 1PREMISELook at Me, I'm Special (unpublished) - A four-Ace production that leads to an ultra-clean moment of magic.Carried Away (from Constant Fooling) - An any-deck, any time incredible transportation.Eight Ball (from Constant Fooling) - Ink slides off a playing card and forms itself into an eight ball!Tenacious Climber (from Constant Fooling) - This entertaining approach to the Ambitious Card plot leads to a climax that will fool all.Coins Through the Table (from Constant Fooling) - Stand-up versions of this plot are few and far between . . . and this one is a killer.Exhibit "A" (from Penumbra) - A stunning handling of Hamman's Signed Card plot. Magic just seems to happen.Sum of the Parts (from Constant Fooling) - A spectator shuffles a deck and selects a card, then a demonstration of playing card mathematics (and visual changes) ensues in which cards "add up," finally totaling the selection!Shred of Proof (from Constant Fooling) - An eerie revelation with dozens of applications.My Best Friend (from Close-Up & Personal) - A chop cup routine with a difference . . . in the form of a small mouse.Chink-A-Drink (from Constant Fooling) - The classic assembly with a logical kicker.



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