Premise Power & Participation Vol. 4 by L & L Publishing - DVD

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Vol. 4REGAL STANDS ERECTThe Stand-Up Magic of David RegalJourney to Love (from Constant Fooling) - This impossible prediction injects comedy and audience by-play into Don Wayne's "Room Service" plot (based on a wonderful Larry Becker method).Swindle Transpo (from Close-Up & Personal) - Subtlety is layered upon subtlety in a playing card transposition that can play on the largest stage.Got a Light? (from Close-Up & Personal) - Two matchboxes are examined, then proceed to perform an incredible series of animations. A combination of the "Sympathetic Matchboxes" and "Acrobatic Matchbox" plots. Perfect for walk-around.The Very Last Card (from Constant Fooling) - A card-elimination routine that utilizes test conditions to create a devastating outcome. This will bother people.Bonus Routine:After Hours (from Constant Fooling) - Regal's contribution to the full-deck story genre, this is distilled entertainment guaranteed to generate applause.



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