Premonition Box by Indomagic Land - Trick

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This is an ingenious device for any mentalist. EffectYou show a beautiful wooden box content of dices,pencil, papers and a deck of card. Explaining that you had a premonition earlier in the day, ask the volunteer to simply think of any of the fifty-two cards. It is a completely free choice. She can think of any card. Explain that you removed one and only one card from the deck as a prediction. Without adding or taking away any cards, the deck is removed from its case by the spectator. The spectator herself counts the cards and notes that there only fifty-one. What is more amazing is that her freely thought-of card is missing. Come complete with anything you need to perform this miracle !!! Box Dimensions Approximately 6 7/16" x 4 5/8" x 1 1/2"(16.35cm x 11.74cm x 3.81cm)



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