Pro Line Dove Cage Vanish (Used)

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Although this is actually a used piece of magic, it is in like new conditionPro Cage - "The Cage the Pro's Really Use." For the worker and/or performer that demands the best. This vanishing dove cage model is tops! Clifford Wiggs has a winner.A cage sitting on a thin table sits majestically on stage. Up to 6 doves are placed inside during your act. For the grand finale, the cage, with doves, is covered with a beautiful cloth. All is lifted from the table and brought to the footlights. The cloth is tossed into the air and the cage and doves have vanished!Expertly built by PROline, this classic is offered with modern, deceptive styling. Here are a few features:Cage has a floor and bottom border to appear completely separate from the table. The table is double beveled for maximum deceptiveness. One move vanishes the cage. The speed of the cage's decent can be adjusted by a pneumatic valve.Beautiful foulard supplied.Locking lever to assure the cage does not prematurely release.



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