Profiler by Christopher Rose

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 The mentalist invites the spectator to participate in a personality reading. Explaining that personality exams have existed for a number of years but only speak truth to their limitations. He shows the spectator a set of cards, each with a representation of one of the sixteen different role variants in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. On the opposing side of the cards, there are different Rorschach images open to interpretation. After explaining the four different dynamics that determine a role variant in the MBTI, the mentalist offers the participant to find the personality type that most closely resonates with his or her self-image. Afterwards the cards are mixed and placed on the table. The mentalist then proceeds to reveal the four dynamical aspects of the participants personality in reference to the MBTI.The first dynamic is revealed by asking the spectator to name the first word that comes to his mind; with this word the mentalist draws connections between it and the first dynamic to sponsor a mild cold reading before revealing the hidden information. To continue, the mentalist uses the aforementioned chosen word to determine a random Rorschach image among the set. That is to say if the word chosen was curiosity, then the mentalist takes the cards and counts nine cards down (one card for each letter of the word) and drops the remainder on top. The top card is then used to reveal the second dynamic by asking the participant to describe what image he sees in the inkblot. As before, the mentalist draws connections between the described image and the personality dynamic to be revealed. This adds further to the cold reading style of the effect, and is repeated two more times to finally reveal all four dynamics of the participants personality.Finally, the mentalist, having revealed the four dynamics of the chosen personality, reveals the chosen Role Variant with 100% accuracy. In a final inquiry to the participant, the mentalist asks if there can be any connection drawn between the word chosen in the beginning and the personality type chosen. Given, of course, that had a different word been used, the final Rorschach card would also be different. After hearing the connections made by the spectator, the mentalist reveals the final ending by showing that the last Rorschach card used was, in fact, the chosen card from the beginning. In conclusion, the spectator witnesses a psychological miracle.Testimonials: "If Hannibal Lector performed mentalism, this would be his favorite effect and Christopher would be his consultant."-Chris Smith, Magic Smith "Not only is 'Profiler' a strong psychological performance piece; it is also a study in personality traits, with working knowledge, that can be used outside the stage and in real life."-Loki Kross, Urban Shaman, Las Vegas. 



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