Profit at the Party by David Hallett (1981 Supreme Magic)

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Supreme Magic Publication 1981.A new augmented edition of "It's Not Magic". Includes Part One It's Not Magic featuring:
Forward, From Me to You!, Singing with a Difference, Animal Crackers!, Buns and Balloons, Another for Park Entertainers, All Tear, Just Jazz!, The Tail Wagger, Bells!, Story of a Hat, A New Idea in Talent Competitions, Oh! What a Pantomime!, Pairs, and Modern Pairs. Part Two, "You Run the Whole Party? Wonderful", includes: Breaking the Ice, Piff! Pouff! Paff!, Poor Man's Levitation, Round the Stick, Who Said That?, Signature Tunes, Pit, Magic Square, Reina Quiz, Musical Knees, Who Are They?, What are They?, Ten Cards, Oranges, Matchboxes, Card Pairs, Scrambled Animals, Slogans, Paper Clips, Find 'Em, Corners, Introduction for the Younger Children's Parties, Musical Bumps - New Style, Find It, K's Game, Dead Soldiers, Cat & Mouse, Talent Contests, Romeo, Touch It!, Groups, Halos, Islands, Mr. Wolf, I am -?, Observation Test, Goldilocks, How Many?, Beans, Xylophone, and Mixed Musicals.Format: Hardbound with Dust JacketPublication Summary: 1981, 112 pp 



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