Prophet by Tom Isaacson

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It's an effect that cannot be explained - only shown. You remove five ordinary one dollar bills from your pocket or wallet. Without any strange motions, folding, or delay the bills instantly and visually change into five HUNDRED dollar bills.A visual magic trick that inspires a primal, visceral reaction in spectators. It touches on the most basic of human emotions and material desire - money.PROPHET is a revolutionary twist on an age-old idea and the only bill change concept in recent years to be authorized by the original creator, Patrick Page. Don't have 100's? Use 5's, 10's, 20's, or any other currency you can get your hands on, internationally.Learn proper construction of the gimmick, performance tips, additional ideas, the psychology behind the magic, and much more in over 30 minutes of in-depth instruction - shot in high definition for real audiences on the streets of Las Vegas, Nevada.This is high-octane magic that you will be able to perform at a moment's notice with nothing but finesse. Now available in both DVD and download formats for instant learning."As close to real magic as it gets. What if you had real powers? Now you can!" - Farid, Mexico"The most visually stunning bill change I have ever seen - bar none." - Jack, theory11 forums"The greatest bill change ever made. I have not left home without it once." - Daniel, New York"This is a keeper. My first purchase from theory11 - definitely not my last." 



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