Protoplasm by Christian Painter

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Christian Painter has written an excellent book on close up mentalism and mental magic.TOUCHSTONES:This is a stunning effect using brightly colored stones that will intrigue your spectators. Not only will you predict what color stone they will select, but which hand it will be in. Ending with a personality reading could get you burned as a Witch. PAINTER'S POKER FACE: A gambling demonstration that proves to everyone that you can read the "tells" of other players. A surprise ending that has everyone grabbing for the cards.THE ALMOST IMPROMPTU BOOK TEST: Everything can be borrowed. Using any books available, many people, and some pens and paper you construct one of the most startling demonstrations of precognition that can be done. DINING YOU OUT: Using borrowed change from a number of spectators, you predict who will end up with the dime and also the correct date. PDQ: With this demonstration you will show that you and your partners thoughts are connected through some invisible psychic vibration. This is 2nd sight learned in a few minutes. It is a multi-phase routine that gets more impossible with each demonstration. Plus much more. Also contained in the book are various essays about the performance of close up Mentalism. Hit the preview button to see a few pages. MANY MORE MIRACLES OF MENTALISM IN THIS BOOK.Spread throughout this book are various essays and quotes about the performance of mentalism that will help you become a better performer. I have personally read these essays and quotes and found that these alone are well worth the price of the book.John Riggs called this book the most "sensible" book on mentalism in ten years!



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