Psi Deck by Bruce Bernstein

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Bruce has been performing PSI-DECK for around 15 years in selected venues but, except from a very small circle, have guarded its secrets jealously. It's a vastly improved version of the Tossed Out Deck, and you know exactly which card each spectator has in mind. The last card is revealed in an even more impossible manner, proving your prediction to be 100% correct.One of the main reasons that he's held it "under his vest" for so long is that as well as being a pleasure to perform, it is also thoroughly deceptive. The price is high, but if you're serious about Mentalism, this trick will help you build your reputation. There is very little in Magic or Mentalism as easy to perform, as is PSI-DECK. With almost nothing technical to worry about, you can relax and put all your energies into entertaining your audience. Yet it fools just about everyone. Bruce has "taken" some of the best-informed Mentalists, and Card Workers with this effect. When performing at a convention for "those in the know", it has become one of his trademark presentations, because of the impact it has upon laymen and experts alike. Effect3 people are asked if they would participate in an experiment that will test the hidden powers of the mind.A deck of cards is fanned and shown to everyone. Then a rubber band is placed around the middle of the deck, which is then placed face down on the left hand of assistant #1. He is asked to place his right thumb on the edge of the deck and when you turn your back and instruct him to, he is to quickly pull up just enough to peek at one card at random and then remove his thumb. (See picture)Turning around, you ask that assistant #2 take the deck and hold it as assistant #1 was previously instructed. You turn your back and tell her to peek at a card in the same manner as assistant #1 just did. She is then to place the deck off to the side as you turn back around. You do not touch the deck in any way, or even have to see it.You then look at assistant #1, and after "concerted mental effort"; you then concentrate on assistant #2. With proper showmanship you then ACCURATELY REVEAL THE EXACT SELECTION THAT EACH OF THEM HAD MERELY PEEKED AT! (There is absolutely NO pumping involved. You know with CERTAINTY exactly which card each of them had peeked at!)Assistants #1 and #2 are dismissed, as you hand an envelope to assistant #3. You then pick up the deck (yes, it is the same one ? no switching!), take off the rubber band, and explain that you will slowly deal through the face down deck, one card at a time. You carefully instruct him to call out "STOP" when you are holding a card in your hand, so that there can be absolutely no question about exactly which card is the one being chosen.You then proceed to slowly deal the cards, pausing for a second each time you peel off a card before dropping it to the table, so it will be perfectly clear exactly which card is being selected. He says, "STOP". You ask if he's sure, or would he like the previous card, or the next one etc. (He can, of course, change his mind if he so wishes.) You turn the card around so all can see it. You ask him to open the envelope and remove the contents.They match EXACTLY! 



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