Psy Key (European Style) by Yves Doumergue - Trick

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Psy Key is the latest product developed by Yves Doumergue. This is a new milestone in metal bending magic.EffectYou borrow a few keys. One is selected by a spectator. Mysteriously under impossible conditions, it bends itself in his hands. Once bent, he can't bend it back. Then, you take it with just your fingertips: the key straightens in full view! You immediately hand it back to its owner. Psy Key looks and feels like a standard key but is indeed very special. Once you touch it, your body heat makes it bend. You'll either be able to add it secretly to a bunch of borrowed key or switch it with a very common, similar type of key.Comes in an aluminum case with all the tools needed to perform this amazing effect and an instructional DVD. 



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