Psychic Snake by Tony Clark - Trick

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Effect A spectator is asked to select one of five E.S.P. cards. The card is then returned to the packet and shuffled. Now the magician explains that his psychic snake will locate the chosen card. After the magician waves the psychic snake over the cards, the snake is placed in the spectator's face-up hand across the fingers. The magician places one card at a time on the snake's back and asks the spectator to send a mental image of the card to the psychic snake. The spectator is asked to use their thumb to squeeze down on the card and snake. When the snake senses that the chosen card is on its back,WHAM! it snaps up and coils around the card. Amazingly the psychic snake has correctly selected the spectator's card!Comes complete with Psychic Snake prop, 5 E.S.P. cards and illustrated instruction sheet.Snake Length Approximately 11 1/2" (29.25cm)



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