Quick and Effective Cold Reading by Richard Webster - Book

A complete text on how to give brief cold readings to anyone and astound them with your accuracy.


When the first edition of Quick and Effective Cold Reading was published, Bascom Jones, editor of Magick, wrote that it was "one of the all-time GREAT publications in mentalism." If Bascom was here today, he would not be surprised to discover this book is now considered the classic book on the subject.

Cold reading is the art of giving a reading to someone without knowing anything about him or her beforehand. Quick and Effective Cold Reading teaches you how to give short, factual, informative and satisfying readings to people you know nothing about, and may not have met before. The ability to give a satisfying reading is a useful, arguably essential, skill for anyone involved in the psychic entertainment field.

For many years, copies of this book were hard to obtain, as distribution was deliberately restricted to people who were serious about learning how to become good cold readers. This new, updated edition is especially produced to commemorate this book's twenty-fifth anniversary.

Pages - 111 - Softcover - Perfect bound



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  1. Quick and Effective Cold Reading

    by Ron Martin on Jul 6, 2012

    This is one of the books that got me started in doing palm readings! It came out as a typed, photocopied manuscript of far fewer pages in the late 70's or early 80's. This is the updated and more thorough version.

    Richard's view of readings is about as systematic, down-to-earth and sensible as any I've ever seen.
    If you learn the contents of this book alone, you could go anywhere and earn your dinner, (or drinks at the pubs in Ireland, as I did!), with your new knowledge!

    Whatever other books on readings you get, start with this one!
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