Right Write trick

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An incredible utility device for mentalists and magicians, the Right Write is a fiendishly clever tool for secretly obtaining information in the fairest possible manner. Best of all, it happens right in front of the spectators! Here are just a couple of the many possible routines:Three people are asked to concentrate on random objects of their own choosing. While your back is turned, they write the objects down and the selections are mixed together. One at a time, without any fishing or hesitation, you reveal each selection! Or... While your back is turned, three people draw little stick figures. The figures are mixed while you explain that people often reveal parts of their personality through the drawings they make. When you turn back you're able to instantly reveal who made which drawing. No marks of any kind Use any paper, even your business cards No moves, no setup and no reset The included special pens look completely normal and may be completely examined Comes complete with three special Bic pens and instructions for two routines, but the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.



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