Ring Flight by Dick Barry

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A borrowed finger ring vanishes from your hand and appears inside a ring case, which was zippered shut in your back pants pockets. WHY ANOTHER RING FLIGHT? Ring flight, without a doubt, is the best close-up trick in magic. Over the years, there have been many versions and routines of RING FLIGHT. The reason we have decided to add another one to the list is simple. Many ring flights either do not work very well or are expensive. We have put together a prop that is easy to work, made well and is inexpensive. Here is why our prop is a winner. First, our reel is small, made from metal and has a strong interior spring which will cause the ring to travel from your hand to the ring case quickly, smoothly and silently. Instead of using fish line or thread, the reel we use has a very thin, but extremely strong, steel cable which has been plastic coated for a smooth operation. Equally as important is that the RING CLIP (used to clip the ring on to the reel) is EASY TO USE and will take ANY SIZE ring. Finally, the zippered ring case is made of leather and not only looks good but will last a long time



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