Rings in Your Fingers by Dariel Fitzkee (Used 1946 1st Edition)

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An original First Edition/First Printing in good condition. Green cloth binding and faded gold gilt lettering. Very little wear inside or out.. Self published in 1946 by Dariel Fitzkee, Saint Raphael House, San Rafael, California.
A complete text on methods, mechanical devices, moves, techniques, figures, artifices, routines, etc., for performing one of the great classics in the repertoire of magic. It includes modern improvements, suggestions and ideas, together with routines eliminating the use of the key.

Methods - Ring Sets - Special Rings - Arrangements - counts - Substitutions - Special Keys - Linking Methods - Figures - Routines.

7 Methods of Counting.

10 Substitutions and Exchanges

9 Methods of Simulating Linking and Unlinking

14 Linking Methods

35 Figures and How To Make Them.

The Cross, The Seesaw, The Opening Rose, The Chair, The Stirrup, The Mask, The Ball and 28 Others.

Methods of Concluding the Routine

21 Routine Outlines, Employing Keys.

4 Keyless Routines

Many Suggestions and Ideas



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