Road Warrior by Randy Prior

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"...If you plan on being on the road, this is the best $20 you'll ever spend."- Michael Close, MAGIC magazine, July 2002 "It's a given that this book should be carried by every professional, but I think it should also be essential, if not required, reading for anyone who has ever done a show in front of an audience."- Tom Ogden"If the word 'gig' is in your vocabulary, you need this book!"- Gregory WilsonRoad Warrior: The Professional Traveling Entertainer's Survival Guideis filled with tips from some of the best in our business. From A to Z (Allen, Alonzo, Carney, Caveney, Close, Goldfinger & Dove, King, Maven, McComb, Pierce, Salwak, Weber to Zander) and many, many others. Almost 200 pages of ideas that could possibly save your show from disaster in emergency situations. What do you do in a pinch, when your silks are all wrinkled and you dont have access to an iron? What do you do if you forgot your socks and the show starts in 30 minutes?Learn real world survival Tricks of the Trade from professional magic Road Warriors! Not only will you learn from these experienced performers, but you will laugh out loud at some of the creative ideas used to solve emergency situations. Clever, useful, and entertaining. This book is 4 1/2" x 6 1/2" to fit and carry with you wherever you go! How much time, money and aggravation will this book save you?



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