Robert-Houdin - A Magician's Life - DVD

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He was a clockmaker, a creator of automata, the conjuror who founded the famous SOIREES FANTASTIQUES in Paris - the magic show that revolutionized magic! This unique artist also displayed his talents abroad and made groundbreaking scientific discoveries in Optics and electricity! The documentary allows us to see his most celebrated stage illusions and inventions in 19th century setting.The French conjuror Pierre Switon plays the part of Robert-Houdin for the screen.The true story of a magician, a tale of mystery and science..."Robert-Houdin was the greatest magician of all times." - Orson WellesSPECIAL FEATURES : 1 Hour of Exclusive Footage and Featurettes- Behind-the-scenes secrets of the film.- A visit to a unique and historic Robert-Houdin exhibit in 1998 in Blois.- The Mystery of the Drawing automaton.- "La Joueuse de Tympanon", 18th century android automaton restored by Robert-Houdin.- A Visit of Blois, on the trail of Robert-Houdin - hosted by Pierre Switon.- A clockmaker unveils the secrets of Robert-Houdin's Singing Lesson and its Mystery Clock.- Robert-Houdin slideshow.- Animated interactive menus.Running Time Approximately 2hr 26min



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