Rosini Card Transposition

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A beautiful brass tray is displayed. The magician takes a deck of cards and asks a spectator to count ten cards onto the tray. The cards are then poured from the tray into a cloth carrying bag and the bag is given to the spectator to hold. Another spectator counts ten cards onto the tray when this is done three cards are displayed to the audience and written down or simply remembered by a member of the audience. The cards are given to someone to hold securely between their hands.The two spectators are on stage a distance apart. The magician commands three cards to travel invisibly from the spectator's hands to the carry bag across the stage.The cards are now counted by the spectator holding them between the hands and now only has seven cards!! The cards are removed from the carrying bag and it now contains thirteen cards!! The additional three cards are the ones being remembered by the audience member!!! This is a reputation maker.You receive the Brass Tray, Three Bicycle Cards, Carrying Bag and full Instructions.



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