Safety Hole Lite by Menny Lindenfeld - Trick

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A PORTABLE-HOLE EFFECT THAT WILL KEEP YOUR CREDIT SAFE AND YOUR BANKER HAPPY! Safety Hole Lite is a simplified version of Safety Hole. Both effects are broadly similar, but unlike the original which is directed at professional magicians, Safety Hole Lite is also suitable for BEGINNERS. The manual includes instructions for 3 performance methods, ranging from very easy to moderate, each successively more impressive than the previous. It doesnt matter if youre a beginner, have some experience, or a pro, Safety Hole Lite will fit the bill. You pull your credit card out of the wallet. You show the audience both sides, but more importantly, the hole punched through on the magnetic stripe. A HOLE? But of course! You explain how you punched it yourself for security reasons. If your card ever gets stolen, the unlucky thief will discover that some of the magnetic data is missing, and so the card is of no use. Now its time to show them what you do when its YOU who wants to use the card; simply grab the hole with your fingertips, and PHYSICALLY SLIDE it out of the way, nice and easy, and move it to another location. And when you want it secure again? Demonstrate your solution you just SHAKE the card and the hole LEAPS back to the magnetic stripe. Conclude by letting the audience examine your theft-proof card. HIGHLY VISUAL EFFECT REAL HOLES! SIMPLE SET-UP EXAMINABLE BEFORE AND AFTER PERFORMANCE COMES WITH 3 PERFORMING METHODS FOR BEGINNERS, & PROFESSIONAL MAGICIANS



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