Safety Hole trick Menny Lindenfeld

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If you thought Menny Lindenfeld's hole obsession was over, you were wrong. If you hoped it wasn't, you're in luck. If you liked Hollow and if you like credit cards, you WILL LOVE THIS!! A new portable-hole effect that will keep your credit safe and your banker happy!  You pull your credit card out of the wallet. You show to the audience both sides, but more importantly, the hole punched through on the magnetic stripe. A HOLE? But of course. You explain how you punched it yourself for security reasons. If your card ever gets stolen, the unlucky thief will discover some of the magnetic data is missing so the card is of no use.  Now it's time to show them what you do when it's YOU who wants to use the card; simply grab the hole with your fingertips, and PHYSICALLY SLIDE it out of the way, nice and easy, and move it to another location.  And when you want it secure again? Demonstrate your solution - you just SHAKE the card and the hole LEAPS back to the magnetic stripe.  But being the paranoid type, sometimes you feel like even that's not good enough. In these cases there's only one thing to do; you give the card another good shake and the single hole duplicates to THREE, all sitting safely on the magnetic stripe. Now THAT really makes you feel... SECURE.  You conclude by letting the audience examine your theft-proof card.  Highly visual effect.Simple set-up. Real holes! Card can be shown from both sides prior to and after performance. Instantly examinable.



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