Salad Dressing trick

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An incredibly visual (and easy) three-phase Oil & Water routine that will absolutely fry them!The performer removes three red cards and three black cards from the pack. One at a time, the cards are placed in a pile, alternating red and black cards...or so it seems. Without any sleights whatsoever, the red and black cards separate! Again the cards are alternated, and it appears they will stay that way, but with a quick flourish the reds and blacks visually separate once more! To finish, the cards are again clearly alternated and then divided into two piles of three cards. Invisibly the performer switches the middle card of each packet and slowly turns the cards over to show the reds have once again separated from the black!Includes the specially printed Bicycle cards that do 99% of the work for you and David's detailed instructions. "One of the BEST Oil & Water routines that I have EVER seen!" -Paul Harris"Excellent! This is commercial magic at it's BEST!" -J.C. Wagner



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