Sankey 1999 by Jay Sankey - DVD

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Originally filmed in 1999, this recording quickly became one of the best-selling videos of the year. Jay works the camera, lighting, sound and the playing cards as he presents an extremely original collection of 25 EFFECTS! Truly cool close-up routines with sugar packets, rubber bands, coins, keys eggs, playing cards, matchboxes, dice and even shoelaces!And as if that wasn't enough to make your fingers itch, this very special re-release on DVD also features FOUR BONUS EFFECTS with coins, cards, matches and drinking straws!Sweet SurpriseMeaslesEar to EternitySplittin' TimeTwice As NiceExtended CreditPurse VanishBackspin SpecialDark PowersWacky TabaccyRound TrippingOn TourFifth QuarterUp and Out Golden TreasureI.Q. TestSmall WonderFace-Up RubawayCheesecakeBlackstackInstant OrigamiFrom BehindThe Magnet CardTwo ShoelacesMatchbox Mentalism4 ADDED BONUD EFFECTS!"Freshly Squeezed", "Cut & Restrawed", "Stripped!" and "Firefly".Running Time Approximately 105min



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