Sankey Unleashed by Jon Racherbaumer

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Jay Sankey creates and performs some of the world's most original magic. Sankey Unleashed is a testament to Sankey's unmatched creative abilities. The book features and astonishing 81 creations, making it a mother load of magical miracles. In addition to powerful, direct card and coin magic, Sankey Unleashed details the work on tricks with keys, balls, pens, eggs, books, pencils, business cards, billiard chalk, markers, credit cards, and even tomatoes! With such a wide assortment of materials and such a staggering number of tricks described - at every skill level - Sankey Unleashed truly contains something for everyone. Highlights include: Nightcap - After signing his name on a card, the spectator tries to put the cap back on the marker, only to find that it is now a solid, cylindrical tube! Back in Time - a seemingly ordinary pick-a-card trick becomes a time traveling experience. A reality-shaking effect for the lay-public, and incredibly easy to do. Stretching It - in which a borrowed finger ring is visibly stretched to three times its length. It then visibly shrinks back to normal, and is returned to its lender. Leaving Home - a modern classic, and one that comes as close to real visual magic as possible. Spectators witness the magician visibly plucking a house key off the center of a loop of cord. Just as easily, and perhaps more visually, the key is thrown back on to the cord! These brief descriptions barely scratch the surface. Sankey Unleashed is jam-packed with magic you will learn, study and use.



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