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The Scarabaeus Gimmick is now available solo!Behold Scarabaeus Lite, a must-have for modern magicians. Visually insert ANY item into ANY plastic bottle! Keys, sunglasses, shot glasses, ANYTHING that fits in the bottle. Use a 2-liter bottle and DOUBLE your possibilities! Instead of bottles use baggies, cans, or seal a prediction inside an envelope and retrieve it Scarabaeus style! Mentalism's new best friend... Just about any sealed enclosure is easy access for the Scarabaeus Gimmick! Impromptu multi-purpose device! New raw goods increase durability! Display the impossible upclose, visually! Eliminates switches in several classic plots! Scarabaeus Lite is a replacement gimmick intended for magicians that purchased Behold the Scarabaeus. However, even if you don't have the original trick, you can still spice things up with Scarabaeus Lite. It's EASY to create your own tricks! WARNINMust be at least 18 years old to purchase Scarabaeus Lite! This product does not contain instructions on how to do specific tricks. It's provided here as a replacement for Behold the Scarabaeus or as a multi-purpose utility device.



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