Scarne on Dice (Used 1980 8th Revised Edition)

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With first hand knowledge of today's gambling world and an uncanny sense of communication, John Scarne brings dice down to everyone's understanding. After covering the history of modern dice and its earliest uses in games, he jolts would-be gamblers with an inside, understandable look at the mathematics and science of gambling. Then a precise review of various crap games and Scarne's rules for private craps is followed by a rundown on his correct odds on craps and more on percentages in 'One Reason Private Game Right Bettors Die Broke.' Bank Craps Las Vegas style gets full treatment with coverage of everything from setting limits, the bank craps table, and the different bets to tips on how to play the game sensibly, how to spot a crooked casino, and how Las Vegas casinos operate. Scarnes also examines the background of illegal craps, and why it is such a big business. Other chapters discuss dice made crooked by inside and outside work of gamblers, hustlers and cheats. The systems player gets a rare treat in the evaluation of all the systems known including Scarne's Bank Crap System and his rules for dice games such as Backgammon, Chuck-a-Luck, The Cross on the Cage, Crown and Anchor, Klondike, Raffles, Poker Dice, Baseball, and many more along with correct odds for all games using 2, 3, 4, or 5 dice and the method for calculating the percentage. There is a glossary of dice terms, a guide to calculating the average number of skills needed to effect a winning or losing decision, methods for computing percentage on two-roll bet with two dice, on three-roll bets with two dice, and tables of odds and percentages for easy reference. -



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