Scotty York Marked Coin or Card in Pocketwatch

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A Scotty York original and ONLY available at Denny & Lee's.When Scotty first released this effect years ago, it created quite a sensation and working magicians have been performing it for years.Now it is available again and the sensation will again begin.SIGNED CARD TO POCKETWATCH-A spectator freely selects a playing card and signs thier name across the face of the selection. The magician then completely unzips a "zippered" purse, closes it back up, and places the empty purse on the table. Magician explains that the idea is to get the selected card into the purse in record time. He pulls out his pocketwatch at the end of a chain, snaps it open, and shows the ticking watch to the spectators saying that it will only take seconds to perform., The watch it returned to his pocket with the chain still hanging out. The card is then returned to the deck, shuffled and lost. The deck is riffled and the spectator is asked to open the zippered purse. Inside the purse is not the selected card but the insides of a pocketwatch, still running!! Magician acts confused and says that looks like the insdie of HIS pocketwatch Magician removes the pocketwatch from his pocket, snaps it open and there is a folded card inside the pocketwatch where the watchworks used to be. This folded card is dumped out, unfolded, and seen to be the signed selection.MARKED COIN TO POCKETWATCH-This effect can also be performed with a marked half dollar as well and comes with Scotty's routine for performing this effect with the half dollar as well.The Card or Coin in Pocketwatch is a reputation maker and will be remembered by your audiences long after your performance.Comes complete with all necessary gimmicks, props, pocketwatch, and book of instructions and presentation written by Jamy Swiss.



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