Self Folding Bill 2000

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The original hands-free tabletop version designed by international award winner Andrew Dakota. EffectThe magician places a BORROWED BILL flat on a table (not on his hand!). The spectator is instructed to point at the bill. Slowly and mysteriously the bill begins to fold in half, attracted to the spectator until it stops, touching his fingertip! The spectator moves his finger, causing the bill to continue folding itself up, slowly, following his every movement. The bill passes through six separate stages until it ends up folded in eighths, with the spectator`s finger resting on top of it! The bill is then picked up, unfolded, and shown cleanly on both sides. It is then refolded and tossed back on the table, where then the magician makes a final gesture, causing the folded bill to flip over on the table! The spectator may instantly remove his bill from the table and examine it!This routine is ready for you to immediately practice. Includes threaded practice bill with "dummy" practice wallet, special invisible thread and fully scripted patter.Note: Performance of this routine requires a Himber-type switching wallet. (Not Included)



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