Sherlock Holmes Inductive Test by A. Black and T. Cherry

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This wonderful looking book, a classic of English literature recognized and enjoyed all over the world, can now be a part of your library of specially made books that help you perform wonders for friends, colleagues, or any audience you're performing for. It can be anyone! Though you can perform with this book on its own, the genius of the gaff enables you to use this book in conjunction with any other book of your choice, gaffed or not!Here's how it works: the mentalist or magician talks about how Sherlock Holmes was one of the all-time best detectives in history. The performer explains how this Victorian age CSI expert would use his five senses to discover clues and induce facts that would ultimately lead him to solve crimes that stumped the famous Scotland Yard and stopped them dead in their tracks.This person is then asked to look through the book and tell the audience how many pages there are. With nearly 300 pages to choose from, this participant is asked to choose one at random and WITHOUT LOOKING. It is a totally free choice! The number is then revealed to the audience and the person is applauded back to their seat. Another person is then freely chosen from the audience and asked to pick up any other book sitting on a table. There can be one or 30 books; it doesn't matter. They can even change their mind and pick up another book. No problem! This second person is instructed to turn to the page number previously chosen at random and to being reading the page in their mind as if they were projecting it to you. IMMEDIATELY you reveal the first word as they are getting through the first paragraph. You then being to reveal the contents of the whole first paragraph! She is instructed to continue reading in her head. But you are able to piece things together just like Sherlock Holmes but even better. You are able to tell her about the whole page! You "see" what she is reading. Totally self contained, ANY book can be used with the Sherlock Holmes Inductive Test. You can use as many books as you like. It can be done close-up (just carry a couple extra books for them to choose from). You can even use a spectator's book! No kidding.



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