Shock FX by Andrew Mayne - DVD

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Effect"A unifying factor in all the effects on this tape is Mr. Mayne's desire to find methods that are offbeat and almost impromptu. In this way he reminds me of Michael Weber, and that is a very high compliment. Andrew Mayne's Shock FX is fun to watch and has clever material that will appear to a variety of tastes. I recommed it." -Michael Close, February 2003 Marketplace, MAGIC Magazine Twisted, Devious, Gut-Wrenching Magic for Stage, Home and Urban Entertainment In Shock FX, Andrew Mayne presents 13 tricks, stunts and gags for the modern conjurer. Produce a bowling ball in an impossible way, stab a pencil through your face, use insects to perform psychic feats, learn Andrew's brand-new handling for the paperclip through arm effect and much more! Also included on Shock FX is Andrew's brand-new one-man illusion Brain Damage-a head penetration effect using umbrellas which can be constructed in five minutes for less than five bucks. Contains:Pencil Through CheekBowling Pin Head Stabbed Lit Take-OutSpike Through Tongue Part 1 & 2 Lunch for Cthuhlu Geek!!! Bed of Thumbsticks Bob Roach: Psychic Entertainer Brain Damage Running Time: 50 Minutes



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