Shopping Card trick John Zander

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Your spectator selects a card. They are also asked to think of their favorite store.They are then asked to pretend that their selected card is an item in that store and to fix a price to that item, any price.Magician presents an large envelope and states that he has your favorite store printed on the other side.He turns the envelope around to reveal the words "Your Favorite Store" printed on the envelope. Laughs and groans.The magician reminds the spectator that they also have a price in mind. The magician states that he has that exact price on a card inside the envelope.The card is removed and it is seen to be a jumbo card with a large bar code printed on it. An exact match! The magician says. Laughs and groans.You also selected a card, the magician reminds the spectator. The spectator is asked to name their selection out loud and the magician turns the bar code card around to show a perfect match to the spectators selection.



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