Short and Sweet by Jay Sankey - DVD

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This classic "early Sankey" hit now includes 4 brand new effects as an added bonus! This DVD is jammed full with a ton of material Jay still performs when working restaurants and walkaround. Simple, visual, killer commercial stuff with cards, coins, and so much more. Even better, the DVD includes 4 brand new Sankey effects that were not on the original VHS recording. Filmed in 1998, SHORT & SWEET gained an immediate reputation with the close-up underground thanks to such astonishing effects as "Housebound", "Mr. Clean Coins Across" and "Scrunch!" Presenting 17 mindblowing routines with creamers, coins, electrical tape, movie tickets, playing cards and safety pins, SHORT & SWEET features a truly wild variety of material. This very special re-release on DVD also includes FOUR BONUS EFFECTS with dollar bills, playing cards and modeling clay!



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