Show Off #1 and #2 by Brian Tudor - DVD

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Show Off - Vol.1This video started it all for Brian and took the card-magic world by storm! These are simply amazing flourishes, some of which are the basis for some of his newer flourishes. The following productions are explained:One Hand Revolution False One Hand Revolution Hollywood Cut Gerry Griffin Blind Swivel Cut Speed Cut False Three Finger Faro Paul David One Hand Shuffle What the hell happened to Sybil Bad HabitShow Off - Vol.2 The highly anticipated sequel containing some of the most beautiful modern flourishes with playing cards. You will be amazed at some of the things Brian can do with a deck of cards! Show Off is a professionally produced video. Brian clearly demonstrated and thoroughly explains the following productions and flourishes:One Hand Revolution II Hollywood Speed Trip Three Finger Faro II What the hell happened to Sybil II Very Bad Habit Awesome Blossom Production Upside Down Card Spring Y.T.B.N. CutRunning Time Approximately 55min



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