Shrinky Ink trick Harlan

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Murphy's Magic Supplies is pleased to present another innovative idea from Dan Harlan. Shrinky-Ink is clever, visual, and unique. What happens? Exactly what is described:You show two Bic Round Stic pens to be identical. You uncap one showing nothing inside (except a "black hole"). When you push the pen into the cap, it goes DEEPER than physically possible. Comparing the pens side-by-side shows that it is shorter by ONE INCH. You continue pushing the pen into the cap, showing that it is now TWO inches shorter. One final push makes the pen a full THREE INCHES SHORTER. Is it hidden in the cap? Is there some kind of mechanism involved? Hey, can I examine that little pen? Yes, you can! In fact, you IMMEDIATELY hand out BOTH pens and there is absolutely nothing to find! The pen really is three inches shorter and there is no clue to the secret!You can be sure your audiences have never seen anything like this, because there's never been anything like this! Harlan does it again! You receive the pens and fully-illustrated instructions (including the complete script and easy handling).



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