Siamese Twins by Bill Goodwin & Buck Twins

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Bill Goodwin is one of the great creative thinkers and magic historians of our time with a superlative ability to handle cards. His ingenious methods have been tightly kept secrets locked away in his own notebooks. For the first time ever released, Bill teaches a flawless version of a classic in magic, Card Warp. Done completely at the fingertips and with only a single card, Siamese Twins is a beautiful illusion that is sure to amaze any audience.30 minutes of detailed instruction with multiple camera angles, slow motion replays and bonus handlings."Your single card Siamese Twins routine is excellent. It has some very startling sections and a great patter story." - Roy WaltonRunning Time Approximately 30minREVIEWS"Good visual magic that you can perform anywhere. Highly recommended! Rating 4.5/5."Bernard Sim, Magic Boutique (Singapore) 5/18/2009 Full Review"This is a quick, effective close-up trick that is not difficult to perform...Bill Goodwin is a very good teacher and this trick is worth learning."Matthew Field, The Magic Circular Magazine 8/1/2009



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