Side Steal And More by Brad Burt - DVD

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This dynamic DVD will introduce the student of expert card technique to one of the best card controls available: The Side Steal! Among other applications Brad Will teach stunningly magical methods of transforming one playing card into anther and then show his own reputation making professional routine!


Segment 1

  • Introduction

Segment 2 - Review Material

  • Palming and Replacement technique

  • Taking a Break from A Peak

Segment 3

  • The Side Steal

Segment 4

  • The Side Steal Variation

Segment 5 - Card Replacements

  • Holding Out the Card

  • Hold Out Gestures

Segment 6 - Side Steal Routines

  • Miracle Card

  • At Any Number

Segment 7

  • Side Steal Crimp Discovery

Segment 8

  • Lunceford C.C. Deck with Prediction

Segment 9 - Color Changes

  • Side Steal Change

  • Erdnase Change

  • Push-Pull Change

  • Snap Change

  • Brad's Color Change Routine

Segment 10

  • Routine Explanation

Running Time Approximately 1hr 18min



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