Silence of Chung Ling Soo Deluxe Collector's Edition #16 of 75

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THE SILENCE OF CHUNG LING SOO DELUXE LIMITED EDITION THE SILENCE OF CHUNG LING SOO DELUXE LIMITED EDITION NO. 16 of only 75 copies printed WRITTEN BY TODD KARR AND PUBLISHED BY THE MIRACLE FACTORY IN 2001  Probably the most intriguing conjurer of magic's Golden Age, William Robinson, under his stage name Chung Ling Soo, thrilled and mystified laymen and magicians alike throughout the four corners of the world.  This conjuring giant bought his ticket to magic immortality through his on-stage death attempting the bullet-catch trick - A dramatic end to a life that was, at the same time, both strange and ingenius.  This is number 16 of 75 of the beautifully illustrated Leatherbound Deluxe Limited Edition from the Miracle Factory. This book is in pristine condition in it's black lacquered case as issued. Only the absence of the brittle wax seal from the brass disc affixed to the tie ribbons of the case prevents me from designating it as MINT!  Many collectors believe that this book is the Miracle Factory's Biographical Magnum Opus.  488 pp Filled with photographs, including a full color gallery of many of Soo's lithographs, this book is an extremely absorbing read as well as a research resource of the very first order.  The Silence of Chung Ling Soo  ContentsINTRODUCTION Todd KarrSKETCHING ROBINSON'S CRYSTAL LANTERN Jim SteinmeyerWORDS BY WILLIAM E. ROBINSONThe Art of MagicWrinkles on MagicAlexander HerrmannIndian JuggleryHow It HappenedCan Such Things Be?MAN OF MYSTERYMr. and Mrs. W. E. RobinsonBilly Robinson Walter B. GibsonMarvellous Chinese Conjurer Ellis StanyonAustraliaThe Silent PerformanceThe Wizard ThurstonHoward ThurstonBamboo BlossomTHE CHALLENGEDEAR FRIEND HOUDINIDear Friend HoudiniAn Impression of Chung Ling Soo HoudiniChing Ling Foo and Chung Ling Soo HoudiniConjurers' Monthly MagazineMYSTERIESAerial FishingAnimated CorkAstarteBirth of the PearlBlack ArtChinese MagicThe Coin, Handkerchief and Ring TrickThe Rice Bowls and Mystic CoinThe Magic Coin BoxGold or Silver?The Floating CoinThe Chinese "Miser's Dream"Chung Ling Soo Coin and StringCrystal CasketDefying the BulletsDisappearing DemonDream of WealthDrum ProductionA Few Card TricksA Few Coin TricksFire BalloonFlying HandkerchiefsGoddess of WineGoneLinking RingsThe Chinese RingsA Chung Ling Soo MethodMagic CauldronMysteries of the Mind, or Mental MagicMysterious SumNew? Old? Card TrickNew Thought Card SleightsOdds and EndsOld TricksRice BowlsThe "Best of All" Rice BowlsThe New Rice BowlsRising CardsSugar Stick TrickTarget IllusionVanish in Mid-AirVaried MysteriesThe Orange TreeNew Method of Getting Flowers into ConeImproved Finger Through PennyThe Best Watch-boxMARVELLOUS CHINESE CONJURERJuly 7, 1900November 1903May 14, 1906Ca. 1906January 19081908April 10, 1909July 17, 1909February 25, 1911April 8, 1911February 21, 1914January 23, 1915July 31, 19151915March 18, 1918SILENCESilenceChung Ling Soo by One Who Knew HimA FEW OF ROBINSON'S NEW IDEASEXTRAORDINARY MYSTICAL NOVELTIESSPIRIT SLATE WRITING AND KINDRED PHENOMENAPreface1. The Single Slate2. The Double Slate3. Miscellaneous Slate Tests4. Mind Reading and Kindred Phenomena5. Table Lifting and Spirit Rapping6. Spiritualistic Ties7. Post tests, Handcuffs, Spirit Collars, etc.8. Sances and Miscellaneous Spirit Tricks9. Miscellaneous TricksIndex to Spirit Slate Writing The Perfect Addition To Any Discriminating Collector's Private Conjuring Library. 



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