Skyline by Danny Weiser

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Your spectator selects a card. You tear off the corner, show both sides of the remaining card, and then in the blink of an eye the card is magically restored!

Created by Danny Weiser, Skyline is an incredibly easy and in-their-face effect that can be performed it a number of different ways. Danny teaches how to use the included handmade gimmick and then dives into multiple presentations - including one that leaves them with an impossible video on their own cell phone!

Skyline is perfect for almost any environment from close-up to stage, and is great for all skill levels because it's practically self-working!
Includes Handmade Bicycle Gimmick
Ultra Visual
Multiple Routines & Ideas
Bonus Corner to Impossible Location Effect


"This has super mad visuals and the amount of ways to do the restoration is limitless."
James Conti, Reviewer 11/7/2014 Full Review

"The gimmick does all of the work and is easy to use, and requires no sleight of hand. "
Wayne Kawamoto, 2/17/2015 Full Review

"Spanish Video Review"
Telmo, Reviewer 2/10/2015 Full Review

"video review"
David Kenney, Reviewer 1/10/2015 Full Review

"Overall a very visual restoration. This is something you can add to a regular deck and perform at any time and under most strolling conditions."
Paul Romhany, *Reviews Vanish Magazine 12/3/2014

"Skyline aims to be an instant, visual, easy to accomplish torn-and-restored card corner. Mission accomplished."
Peter Duffie, Magic Magazine 12/23/2014

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