Sleight Of Mind by Ian Harling and Martin Nyrup - Book

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SUGGETION AND MIND CONRTROLTHE MENTALIST'S TOOLKITImmaculate Deception...Sleight of Mind is a Mentalist's toolkit of psychological quirks and techniques that anyone can use to enhance their performance and create stunning, original effects. No props and no stooges are required - just observation and the application of simple methods that will change the way you interact with others - on and off stage - forever.With respective backgrounds in Hypnosis and NLP, authors Ian Harling and Martin Nyrup have created an indispensable guide to powerful mental trickery. But this is no dry reference manual; instead you'll find this an entertaining and above all, truthful, explanation of a range of techniques - many of which have remained hidden for years. Covering the use of suggestion, waking hypnosis and NLP methods of creating rapport, reading your subjects thoughts, etc, Sleight of Mind is THE book for Mentalists and Magicians at any level.Pages 161



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