Slow Burn by Richard Sanders

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The magician shows four bills cleanly, one at a time, on both sides, then lays them down on his left palm without bending or folding them in any way! He then shows his right hand empty, turns it palm down, and waves it gently over the bills, causing them to change instantly into FOUR DIFFERENT BILLS! The bills are again shown cleanly, one at a time on both sides!Totally skill necessary!Self-contained gimmick does it all for you!Resets automatically!Perform surrounded!Perfect for Table Hopping and Walk Around Magic!No Palming, no thumb-tips or other accessories used!Hand out some bills for examination!Change $1 bills to $100 bills, Magazine clippings to money. Coupons to cash, Foreign money to local currency,and much more!If you can move your hand you can perform Slow Burn?it?s that easy!



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