Smoke in Floating Bubble by Reynold Alexander

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Reynold Alexander has taken the Zombie Floating Ball effect and brought it to new heights! His Smoke In floating bubble routine is nothing short of spectacular!
The props are so innocent looking that the audience will be totally blown away. The method is so clever that you will be pleased beyond words.
The effect:
Using a bubble wand, blow some bubbles. Catch one of the bubbles, a nice big one, and show it around. Cover the bubble with a black cloth, and the bubble begins to float! Take some smoke and blow it towards the cloth. Suddenly, the bubble peeks up over the edge of the cloth, and it is filled with smoke! This looks unbelievable! The bubble ducks back under the cloth and floats about. Finally, you take hold of the bubble and release the smoke from inside!
The audience will love it! You get everything needed to create this wonderful effect, including special plastic bubble, collapsible electronic gimmick, black cloth, smoke fluid, special bubble solution, bubble wand, and detailed DVD instructions with audience tested routine.

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