Soirees Fantastique by Christian Fechner

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Soirees Fantastiques by Christian Fechner, English 1st edition, 1988. A two volume set in a slipcase. Excellent condition. Only 300 copies of this English edition were produced. Volume 1 is 431 pages that describe the history, working, and inner detail of Fechner's entire act and illusions.Volume 2 is a fake book that opens to reveal 3 flip books that can be used to see some of the illusions actually performed. Underneath the flip books is an additional compartment that holds the illusion plans. If you are interested in illusion building this is a great asset to your library.  The two volume set in it's slipcase. Volume 2 open revealing the 3 flip books. Underneath these books is another compartment that stores the blueprinted plans.



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