Something Wicked Comes Your Way by Jim Pace - Trick

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Amaze your audiences when a visible flame appears from within this coin purse!Ok, so you are a magician. You want to make a great impression with the people you are about to approach.Take out this coin purse and open it. Don't say a word... just open it. Let it catch on fire, then close it.Open it again and take out the coins that you intend on using for your coins across routine.Perhaps you will take out your red silk that you intend on vanishing?The possibilities with this wonderful fire effect are limitless. Make it part of your next close-up routine!Comes complete with purse, additional special gimmick, and detailed instructions for pulling off this blazingly spectacular effect!Purse Dimensions Approximately 4" x 3 1/4" (10cm x 8cm)



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