Speaking with Magic by Michael Jeffreys

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Magicians have been amazing audiences for thousands of years with their magic, which by its very nature is an attention getter. Magic automatically fascinates an audience because it defies logic, it causes the mind to say "Wait a second, that's impossible!".... What can adding a well thought out and properly presented magic trick do to your presentation? It can turn a normal, ho-hum speech into an impressive, dynamic, exciting presentation that gets the audience buzzing. By selecting and learning the tricks from this book that are right for your needs, you will be able to kick off all your speaking presentations with a bang!.... Whether you're a public speaker, a salesperson, a toastmaster, an M.C., or a businessman, Speaking With Magic can help you present your message in an entertaining and novel way, a way that will long be remembered after the applause dies down. After all, isn't that our goal? ---



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