Ssserpent Ssscroll by Brad Toulouse and Mephysto Magick Studio - Trick

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EffectThe performer brings out a paperback book and a cloth scroll. The book can be examined and verified as being a regular book. The scroll is opened and seen to be covered with numbers, as well as arcane symbols and pictures of snakes. The snake, the performer explains, is a mystical magickal creature, and is associated with the ability to prognosticate. Being bitten by a snake himself as a child the performer now has this ability! Taking the paperback book between his hands momentarily, the performer seems to go into a deep trance-like state. When he opens his eyes a moment later, he writes something on a piece of paper, folds it up, and places it to the side. The performer now gives the spectator the scroll, as well as several strips of "snake skin" and five "copperheads" (pennies). Using the snakeskin and the coins, the spectator selects five numbers from the scroll. The numbers are totaled. Let's say the total is 87. The performer instructs the spectator to pick up the book, open it to page 87 and read aloud the first word on that page. Let's say the word is "excitement". The spectator is asked to open the paper and in the center the performer has written the word EXCITEMENT!The book is not gimmicked in any way, use any book! It is possible to repeat the effect with a different person and have a second different prediction made! Spectator freely chooses the numbers on the scroll!Comes complete with scroll, 8 "snakeskin" leather strips and instructions sheet.Scroll Dimensions Approximately 11" x 9 1/2" (28cm x 24cm)"Snakeskin" Leather Strip Length Approximately 7"  (17.75cm)



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